Designer Spotlight: Rebel Life Apparel

Who is Rebel Life Apparel?Rebel Life Apparel

Born from a need, Rebel Life Apparel got it’s start from some very passionate southerners. Looking for some unique clothing featuring designs from the South, they were unable to find clothing that met their standards. So what better way to find some than create it and that’s what they did. Started in 2014, Rebel Life decided to create unique one off creations that filled a need in the market. You can find their work on shirts, hoodies and various other types of clothing. Upon starting this company they didn’t have high expectations in terms of sales but immediately they were surprised by the response they received. Upon the release of the first design, they were bombarded by orders just from sharing the designs to their fans on the facebook page. Not only did Rebel Life share the design but people from all over shared the link and tagged friends and family. Within a week of opening, they had seen over 300 orders and this was just the beginning. What were people so crazy about, let’s take a look at some of the designs and hear a little more about the inspiration for the brand below.


Design Style

As mentioned before, the brand was created because the market lacked quality, unique and modern designs. That was the number focus the owners say  when they set out to create their brand. So with many trial and errors and hours of research they were finally able to find the right designers for the brand. These designers had to understand what the brand represented, displaying the pride those raised in the south had about their home region. Confederate flag shirts are some of the most popular searches on the site as its one of the most prized symbols of the south. One style rebel life apparelthat was desired was the modern aspect. So much of the other brands in the space had very basic, dated designs that weren’t desireable. Rebel Life decided to change that creating designs that met the modern desire while still holding onto aspects of the history of the south. They often feature the rebel flag as if it were flowing in the wind with font and text that is in most cases, one of a kind. Many of the designs feature multiple colors that showcase the detail of the work and provide a very nice visual design. Other aspects of the designs often include references to constitutional rights such as freedom of speech as well as gun rights. While not everyone agrees on  those rights, you’ll have to appreciate the design work that goes into some of rebel life’s work.

Currently the team over at Rebel Life is working on a new line that is more brand focused. It will be labeled “Signature” and it be be mainly a one color, ultra modern design that will feature variations of different layouts. These designs will be a more sophisticated look that you can wear anywhere, even at the finest steakhouse around.

The guys over at Rebel Life are always looking for suggestions or ideas that their customers have. Feel free to contact them on facebook or via their website and let them know your thoughts.